Adventures in Aerospace

Now in its third decade, the company’s award-winning “Adventures in Aerospace” (AiA) program exposes children to the wonders of science, physics and chemistry. AiA is an easy-to-use program for employee-volunteers to present in 4th-6th grade classrooms and can be easily customized for younger or older audiences. AiA is interactive, featuring video presentations and classroom experiments highlighting the fundamental scientific principles enabling rockets, space flight and exploration, lunar landings, and other space achievements. AiA curriculum complies with National Science Education Standards, and is available via the Internet to teachers and instructional volunteers.

AiA is designed to stimulate excitement in students to the wonders of space and rocketry to fill the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) pipeline for our aerospace future. Volunteers follow the 6-lesson curriculum which includes detailed lesson plans with hands-on experiments, multimedia materials and interactive video. Lessons can be delivered on a one-time basis or as a series throughout the school year. Becoming an AiA volunteer is rewarding! Volunteering could help launch an aspiring student to pursue a career in aerospace and space exploration!

“The students had a blast and can't wait for our lesson next week. Phil and Lyn were excellent with the students and quickly developed a relationship with them, which made the program that much better.  I am super excited that we have many more lessons to go!  The program was highly educational and engaging to every one of my students.  When the principals of flight presentation was over they were begging for more Adventures in Aerospace!  The program is a fantastic way to incorporate STEM into your classroom in a very hands on, student friendly manner.  I would recommend this program to all teachers.”   Paul – 5th Grade Teacher from Folsom, CA

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Adventures in Aerospace Promotional Video
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