Archived Procurement Terms and Conditions

NOTE: Terms and Conditions listed here may still be valid in older POs but may NOT be used in current POs. If you have a PO that included a set of terms and conditions that has been discontinued, your PO continues to be governed by whatever terms were in it unless a formal change order is processed and you agree to update the terms to a more current version.

Subcontractor Tooling Manual, Rev E, SS40908 (for use in Redmond only)

General Provisions (Jul 2011) (Discontinued Oct 2012)

Supplemental Government Terms and Conditions (Jul 2011) (Discontinued Oct 2012)

Government Flowdown Clauses (A-43) (Discontinued Jun 2011)

Supplemental Government Terms and Conditions, SS40963 (ES-S08-0501-1), November 1, 2004 (Discontinued Jun 2011)

Government Terms and Conditions (ES-S08-0501-1, Nov 2004) (Discontinued 06/14/11)

Environmental Remediation Services (ES-S08-0207-2-S, Mar 2005) (Discontinued 11/15/10)

Architect-Engineering Services Firm Fixed Price, (ES-S08-0207-4-S, Aug 1988) (Discontinued 11/01/10)

Architect-Engineering Services Time and Material, (ES-S08-0207-5-S, Aug 1988) (Discontinued 11/01/10)

Architect-Engineering Services Cost Reimbursement, (ES-S08-0207-6-S, Aug 1988) (Discontinued 11/01/10)

Government Terms for Foreign Sources (PROC 0352 [ES-S08-0501-2], Jul 1997) (Discontinued 10/25/10)

Terms and Conditions for Fixed Price Purchases, (PROC 0309, ES-S08-0202-1-S, Jul 1997)

Standard Terms and Conditions for Time and Material and Labor Hour Purchase Orders, (PROC 0311, ES-S08-0202-2-S, Sep 1991)

Additional Terms and Conditions For Request for Quotations and Purchase Orders in Support of Government Contracts (ES-S08-0501-1-S, Dec 2001  --  PROC 0350, Apr 1997)

Terms and Conditions for Environmental Remediation Services, (PROC ENVIRO A, ES-S08-0207-2-S, Jul 2000)

Construction (ES-S08-0207-1, Jun 2002)

Contractor's Environmental, Health & Safety Standard (ES-S02-0002, Jul 2007 --  ES-S02-0002, Mar 2006  --  ES-S02-0002, Feb 2002)

Minimum Supplier Insurance Coverage Requirements (ES-S08-0213-1, Aug 2002)

Purchases of Items that Could Pose a Hazard to the Environment (ES-S08-0202-5, Sep 2002)

Lease Terms (ES-S08-0202-4-S, Jan 1988)

General Provisions (SCM-S302-1, Jan 2009)

Services & Labor Hour Supplemental Terms & Conditions (SCM-AS302-2, Sep 2009) (Discontinued Feb 2010)

Cost-Reimbursement (ES-S08-0202-3-S, Mar 1987)

Recycling Materials (ES-208-0207-3-S, Sep 2006) (discontinued 2/10)

Waste Transportation Agreement (ES-S08-0207-7, Mar 2003)

Waste Transportation & Disposal Agreement (ES-S08-0207-8, Mar 2003)

Waste Transportation Agreement (ES-S08-0207-7, Sep 2008)

Waste Transportation & Disposal Agreement (ES-S08-0207-8, Sep 2008)

Automotive Fire Suppression-General, Original (SS40915)

Automotive Fire Suppression-High Value, Original (SS40915HV)

Automotive Fire Suppression-Tooling, Original (SS40915T)