AR Coleman Aerospace Engineering

AR Coleman Aerospace's expert engineering department specializes in disciplines such as Systems, Aerodynamics/Aerothermal, Electrical, Mechanical, and Software. The engineering department conducts studies and analyses, develops concept definition and design as well as detailed design, analysis, and documentation. Our engineering staff is also responsible for creating and testing systems and subsystems. Coleman has experience in launch services and technical field support.

AR Coleman uses state-of-the-art analytical tools:

  • Systems Analysis: X-Patch, MOM, OSC, CMA, ASTMA, LANMIN, EXITS, NISA, PSpice
  • Control Systems: MATLAB
  • Aerodynamics: DATCOM, AP-98, StarCCM+
  • Electrical: Viewlogic and Orcad
  • Mechanical: PRO-E, CADAM, NASTRAN, PATRAN, and FEMAP
  • Flight simulation and analysis: TMDSIM, Post, RSS, MDOF, and TAOS
  • Reliability: Windchill (RELEX)

Our products include ballistic missiles, tactical missiles, and space launch vehicles. Our subsystems are reentry vehicles, guidance, navigation and control systems, telemetry systems, aerospace structures, aerodynamic deceleration systems, and support equipment.