MPS-160™ Solar Electric Power / Solar Electric Propulsion System


MPS-160™ is a 2U x 1U solar electric power / solar electric propulsion (SEP2) system that provides both power and primary propulsion for CubeSat missions. The system is designed for CubeSat customers needing significant ΔV capabilities including constellation deployment, altitude changes, plane changes, re-phase maneuvers, orbit maintenance, and de-orbit. The system includes two gimbaled 40W, 300V solar arrays, xenon propellant tank and feed system, innovative solar electric propulsion/solar electric power unit, and a single electric thruster. A thruster gimbal can be added as an option.

Specifications and Performance

  • Dimensions: 20 cm x 10 cm x 11.35 cm
  • Mass: < TBD kg Dry, <TBD kg Wet
  • Operational Temperature Range: +5°C to +50°C
  • Command Method: Digital or Discreet Analog 5 V
  • Power Generation: 80W (non-thrusting), 20W (thrusting)
  • Operational Voltage: 300 V Nominal
  • BOL Thrust: TBD N nominal mission average

22 CFR 125.4(b)(13) applicable

Development Status

  • Concept


  • Coming Soon