Launch Vehicle Propulsion

Experience, characterized by depth and diversity, has made Aerojet Rocketdyne the go-to provider and industry leader in launch vehicle propulsion development and production.

We have been developing and manufacturing propulsion systems for over 70 years, longer than any other company. We have built over 10,000 systems including more than 2,000 booster engines and solid rocket motors. We have successfully contributed to safely launching more than 800 people into space.

We continue to supply propulsion systems for the most significant launch and defense systems in the world. In the liquid rocket engine product line we have developed conventional and specialty cycles ranging from gas generator to augmented expander to air-turborocket and nuclear-reactorheated systems. Our extensive experience includes every facet of liquid propulsion: thrust chambers, injectors, turbopumps, valves and actuators, and engine controllers. From conceptualization to flight verification, we leverage our deep understanding of fluid dynamics, thermal management and advanced materials to deliver optimized products that meet the most stringent requirements, resulting in greater efficiencies and increased power. These products are used in a broad spectrum of missions, from defense, civil, and commercial.

Our advanced systems engineering capabilities allow us to quickly test prototypes, analyze data, and reduce the number of iterations necessary to reach the best possible design. We continually work to deliver optimized solutions and zero-fail performance in each and every rocket engine we produce.

Propulsion products include: