Aerojet Rocketdyne is a leader in Scramjet Technology. Scramjet propulsion systems include:

  • Dual Combustion Ramjet (DCR)
    A diagram showing a Dual Combustion Ramjet (DCR)
  • Core-Burning Dual Mode Ramjet
    A diagram showing a Core-Burning Dual Mode Ramjet

Dual Combustion Ramjet (DCR)

Our Dual Combustion Ramjet (DCR) Engine Cycle has mature propulsion performance and structural durability.

Dual Mode Ramjet (DMRJ aka Scramjet)

Click the image to view how Core-Burning reduces heat load to the wall by ~50%.
Chart showing Core-Burning reduces heat load to the wall by ~50%
Dual Mode Ramjet (DMRJ aka Scramjet) Engine Our Dual Mode Ramjet (DMRJ, aka "Scramjet") Engine Technology is based on core-burning round combustors.

Round Structure:

  • Lighter Weight And Reduced Hot Surface Area Core-Burning
  • Reduced Heat Load
  • Better Operability (High Thrust @ Takeover)

A Dual Mode Ramjet is a Propulsion System which, dependent on the Flight Mach Number, operates in two Modes. The Flowpath can be Fixed Geometry and is Slightly Diverging.

  • Mode 1: As a Ramjet With High Mach but Sub-sonic Combustion; the “Throat” is provided through Thermal Choking. An “Isolater” is required for lower Mach operation to provide a Combustor Entrance Pressure higher than the Combustion Pressure.
  • Mode 2: As a Scramjet With Supersonic Combustion.

Primary challenges are Fuel Conditioning, Vaporization, Mixing, and Combustion, and Thermal Management

DMRJs are suitable for Long Range Missiles and Reusable HCVs.