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Approved Process Sources (Certified Special Process)

Approved Process Sources are accessed through the CITIS gateway in the Supplier Portal tool. Click on the Approved Process Link in the Supplier Portal web page and you will be able to search by supplier or specification.

Contact your buyer for requests to add new suppliers to existing specifications.

If you need assistance with the Approved Process Sources, please contact

Approved Source Lists (ASL)

Approved Source Lists (ASL) for RB0 material are available through the Procured Product Acceptance Requirements (PPAR) technical link in the Supplier Portal tool.

If you are not registered for Supplier Portal, complete the Gateway External Access Request Form on the Supplier Forms page for access. If you need assistance, contact the Supplier Portal Administrator D.J. Kindred.

Reference Material

Supplier Communications

Source Inspection Service is requested through "ASIRS". The Automated Source Inspection Request System (ASIRS) is accessed through the CITIS gateway (Supplier Portal). An emergency Source Inspection hotline is also available for your use at: 818-586-2790.

Configuration Management Heritage Terms and Conditions

Quality Heritage Terms and Conditions

A   General Requirements
AJR1 04/07/14 Quality Management Systems – Requirements for Aviation, Space and Defense Organizations (AS9100)
AJR2 12/09/13 Quality Management Systems – Requirements for Aviation, Space and Defense Distributors (AS9120)
AJR3 04/07/14 Inspection and Test Quality Systems, Requirements for Aviation, Space, and Defense Organizations (AS9003)
Q   Quality Notes
Q008 12/09/13
Aerospace Supplier Quality Requirements (ASQR-01)
Revision 8 (separate link)
Q072 03/10/08 AS9102 Aerospace First Article Inspection Requirement and ASQR-01, Revision 6 dated 12-15-2007
Q093 08/26/11
Certification of Compliance
Revision 07/06/11 (separate link)
Q203 07/12/13 Aerojet Rocketdyne Source Inspection
Q203 10/28/05 Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne Source Inspection
Q203C 07/16/13 Aerojet Rocketdyne Source Inspection
Q203C 07/26/11 Pratt & Whitney Source Inspection
Q203C 07/06/11 Pratt & Whitney Source Inspection
Q219 07/01/13 Material Review (MR) Record(s): Nonconformance Report (NCR) documents
Q230 08/11/05 Government Source Inspection Requirements- Department of Energy (DOE)
Q232 09/20/01 Special Procurement Quality Assurance Requirements For Non-SSME Program Hardware
Q240 02/01/10 Material & Processing Specification Revision Flowdown