Volunteer Spotlight

Logistics Manager Bruce McNicholas of the Redmond office actively volunteers with the American Red Cross, serving Snohomish County, and also Ducks Unlimited in Washington State.

Bruce serves as a Disaster Action Team (DAT) captain for one of four disaster action teams out of the Snohomish County Red Cross office. As a DAT captain, Bruce is responsible for being on-call one day a week and one to two weekends a month. He also provides support to other DAT’s outside his scheduled on-call duties when larger disasters occur requiring additional resources. Bruce typically responds to one to two disasters per month, and during the winter months, he may respond to one to two disasters per week.

In his capacity as a DAT captain, Bruce is responsible for providing immediate disaster relief to individuals/families affected by a disaster, including house/apartment fires, flooding, winter storms and other disasters that may displace individuals or families. The typical disaster response that he supports is a single family home fire. He also is required to be on-scene within 60 minutes of being dispatched to a disaster and, in many cases, is on scene while the fire is still active.

When Bruce is dispatched to a scene, he is the initial American Red Cross contact for those affected by the disaster and is responsible for providing immediate disaster relief to individuals and families. Bruce carries equipment and materials, allowing him to assist individuals with immediate lodging, food and clothing. He also assists with the emergency replacement of medication, emotional support and help in initial transition into recovering from a disaster.

The service that Bruce provides is rewarding, needed and difficult as he works with individuals who may have just lost a family member, pet and, in most cases, the loss of all their personal possessions. During this time, many may still be in shock from the disaster. Being a volunteer for the American Red Cross allows Bruce to serve his country and local community for the greater good.

Bruce also volunteers with local Sky Valley Chapter of Ducks Unlimited in Washington State and helps to support/run local chapter events to raise funds and awareness to support Ducks Unlimited’s mission to manage, preserve, restore and conserve wetlands for the benefit of waterfowl. Each year, Sky Valley chapter of Ducks Unlimited holds a banquet to raise funds to support state-wide Ducks Unlimited projects. Bruce is a member of the banquet committee that organizes the fundraising events. He also works with local business to solicit merchandise, donations and other items to support the banquet fundraising events.

Bruce is an avid duck hunter and volunteering with Ducks Unlimited allows him to support and work with waterfowl year round.