Volunteer Spotlight

Senior Engineer Candace Green-Perry of the Orange facility has been a volunteer medic for most of her adult life.  As a medic, she provides immediate Advanced Life Support response to emergency medical 911 calls.  She is usually the first senior healthcare professional on the scene.  The level of care she provides can range from dealing with life threatening conditions to minor illnesses and injuries.

The skills she uses in this volunteer profession include administering oral and intravenous medications, if necessary, and operating and interpreting readings from heart monitors, defibrillators and other equipment.  Emergencies that she has been involved with consist of injuries, sudden illness, and casualties arising from road, farm and water accidents, as well as criminal violence, fires and other incidents.

In addition to responding to emergency medical calls, Candace is a mentor to Emergency Medical Services (EMS) students.  She teaches Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) classes to her fellow rescue squad members and also teaches first aid and CPR to those in her local community.

She first decided to get involved in the emergency medical field at the age of 14, after her mom suffered multiple injuries, along with a broken arm from slipping and falling down a flight of steps.  The family was afraid to move her while waiting for the rescue squad to get there.  They lived in a rural area of Virginia, so it took the closest rescue squad over an hour to get to their house.  After that incident, her dad decided that the community needed a closer rescue squad.  Later, she and her dad, along with her brother-in-law and several neighbors, started a rescue squad in their local community.  Candace soon became actively involved and passionate about helping people.

Besides being a certified medic, Candace is also a certified firefighter, Emergency Vehicle Operator and scuba diver.  She has have been involved in EMS for 32 years and has been a member of Lake Anna Rescue Squad since 2000.  For her, the best thing about volunteer work is helping people in their time of need or crisis.  She finds the experience of providing assistance to others very rewarding.