Volunteer Spotlight

Senior Executive Assistant Lisa Kraner of the Los Angeles office spends many hours volunteering for her local community. Lisa lives in Moorpark, a small town community in the Ventura County just 30 minutes from the Los Angeles office.

Lisa has served on her Homeowners’ Association Board for the past five years and currently holds the President position. She and four other homeowners are responsible for maintaining a balanced budget and overseeing landscaping, remodeling requests and management contracts for 60 homes. The board meets monthly and reviews countless requests for exterior remodeling from the homeowners.

Lisa also volunteers at her local Moorpark High School, helping to raise funds for the varsity football team. She attends meetings and scrimmages prior to the start of the season and sells premier parking spots and selected seating on the 50-yard line. This year she recruited fellow employee, Dana Clarke, who relocated to the Los Angeles area three years ago and now has a son on the Varsity Squad.

Lisa’s son, Joshua, graduated five years ago, but she realized she’d miss this aspect of volunteer work, so she offered to help in any way she could – including recruiting her son to help out and give back to his alma mater! Every Friday when there is a home game, they leave work early to clear the parking lot of the cars and set up signs in the stands. They also escort media, sponsors and team personnel through the closed gate before the game. Then, a few hours before the game begins, they check everyone into the parking lot, ensuring that all who paid for a spot have a spot!

Lisa encourages everyone to spend at least a small portion of their time volunteering for a passionate cause. The time spent can be invaluable to those benefiting from your support.