Warhead Components and Assembly

Our Work In Warhead Component Specialty MetalsAerojet Rocketdyne Specialty Metals produces a large variety of ordnance components and assemblies such as:

  • Kinetic Energy Penetrators
    Large Caliber
  • Kinetic Energy Penetrators
    Small and medium Caliber
  • Fragmentation Devices
    Steel Hand Grenades
  • Fragmentation Devices
    Tungsten and steel grenades and fragmenting warheads.
  • Shaped Charges & Explosively Formed Penetrators (EFPs)
    Moly, Copper, Silver, Tantalum, Tungsten Liners & EFPs
  • Defense
    Panels of discrete fragments used to defeat incoming mortars and RPGs
  • Warhead Components and Assembly
    Precision machined steel and aluminum components, and assembly